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Why Art Is Always A Good Idea

Here’s the thing about art: it ages like fine, fine wine. Aside from you can enjoy the visual and cognitive stimulation from any piece of art, there is also a great potential return on investment.

Studies done by DollarSprout show that art consistently delivers average returns of 7.6%. Art acquisition, a high-performance asset class, is no longer considered an alternative financial investment but a key one. Because it is unaffected by how the financial markets are presently performing, art is a much more stable investment nowadays.

Let me give you more numbers. According to the Deloitte Art & Finance Report in 2016, 72% of art collectors said they bought art for passion with an investment view. It was also found that there was an increase from 3% in 2014 to 6% in 2016 of clients and advisors looking to buy art specifically for investment purposes.

The audience for buyers will continue to expand in 2022 as rapid technological transformation and the embrace of digital channels remain ever-present and ever-changing.

Aside from it being a good investment, art has also proven to have mood-boosting capacities. Yes, really, art can change your mood! You can find a piece that speaks to you, and it can calm you down or inspire you right away whenever you look at it. Sometimes, it could also bring forth feelings of anger and sadness. Art makes people feel things.

Collecting art should be both about aesthetic appreciation and a wise investment. Every piece of art sold, bought, and displayed will always be worth it.

Ready to start browsing and collecting art? Mark Salevitz Studio’s portfolio is filled with landscapes, urban views, animals, and abstract works that will surely speak to you!

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