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How Living With Art Can Change Your Life

Art is a gift to the world. Taking in some art in your home has the power to change more than your walls. More than decorating your space, art gives meaning to our lives. In fact, studies show that exposure to art delivers a multitude of benefits that positively affect our health and our lives overall. Here’s how living with art can bring positive change into our lives for the better.

1. Art is therapeutic.

Art offers an escape from everyday strife. Just looking at it can make you feel at ease and more relaxed. So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, go and take in some art and immerse yourself in it to de-stress and inspire you.

2. Art makes you smarter.

Yes, you read that right! Looking at art provides an opportunity to exercise critical thinking. A study conducted in 2013 revealed that students who visit art exhibits show higher critical thinking, empathy, and better social tolerance skills than those who don't.

3. Art heals.

Immersing yourself in art is healing. Medical experts have found that looking or making art reduces stress, improves mental health, and boosts the immune system. When you want to feel better, pick up a brush or pen for yourself, or just merely look at art.

4. Art can boost productivity.

Spending time looking at art is not procrastination. A research conducted by Dr. Craig Knight at The University of Exeter, Kirstie Brewer at The Guardian showed that people that worked in an space decorated with art and plants worked nearly 15% faster and had better health overall. That number doubled to 30% when they were allowed to arrange the art wherever they wanted.

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